Lily who stole the drones in what I want to do next?

In May this year, when Lily Lily owned by Robotics unmanned aerial vehicles for sale on the official website, it has attracted the attention of a large number of people inside and outside. It features can realize automatic driving. This four-rotor helicopter can fly, and at 25 miles an hour in 10 to 30 feet in the air with you. Not only that, but Lily drones equipped with a good camera and can shoot 60 frames per second HD video 1080p. This innovative product can attract a group of investors ‘ eyes is not surprising. FENDI iPhone

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According to market research firm VC Experts provides a document view, Lily Robotics is looking for a round of financing, if financial success with its valuation of more than $ 100 million. But it is not sure whether it agreed with some investment institutions, we have information that the company has and is located in the United States contact Spark Capital in Boston investment firms. But Lily Robotics and Spark Capital not to comment on matters relating to finance.

Lily Robotics in 2014, $ 1 million seed round investments. If it can successfully finance, hasn’t started selling products Lily Robotics is undoubtedly of great significance. After the Forbes reporter Lily drones tested in San Francisco, he is giving works fine most of the time: will it go into the air can follow him without control.

But United Kingdom guardian reporters Lily drones “follow” feature is not totally effective. So that’s why some people in the industry to this sceptical attitude that “follow” this function can take years of study to achieve the desired results, in addition to the normal living environment it is difficult to ensure that it is capable of safe flight.

Lily Robotics co-founder Antoine Balaresque said earlier in an interview, they would stop people and innovation of Xinjiang UAV manufacturer market. Instead, it wants to challenge the manufacturer GoPro Sports cameras.

Lily unmanned aerial vehicle using a variety of sensors, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, GPS and cameras to track users and detect the surrounding environment, and of course users can also carry a tracking device to communicate with Lily drones. But the only drawback is, the first Lily drone does not obstacle-avoidance system, which means that it increases the chances of an accident. FENDI iPhone case

In the consumer market for unmanned drone company in financing already very hot. Intel Yuneec UAV manufacturers, China in August this year has invested US $ 60 million; at the beginning of August, billion also received a $ 42 million investment. And as early as in May this year, Xinjiang received investment from Accel Partners US $ 75 million, the company was valued at $ 8 billion.

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Lily Camera drone

Lily can said is you play had of no machine among most most simple of a paragraph, will supporting track device carried in body, official has paragraph waterproof shell strap, can will track device wearing in wrist Shang, open Lily camera of switch (track device will automatically opened), dang Lily eyes variable blue description Lily prepared good can at any time took off, now as long as put Lily throwing to to air on completed has.

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